13 Jul 2023

What's Your Sign?

While some may discredit the idea of astrological signs and their connection to...

15 Feb 2023

Matcha Maker Oatmeal

Valentine's Day might be over, but love is in the hair year round with our...

02 Nov 2022

Hello, Pumpkin!

Hey, Pumpkin!  When it comes to better hair health, at...

08 Mar 2022

Hair Porosity

Your hair's ability to absorb and retain moisture is referred to as hair porosity, and it...

20 Dec 2021


Used for thousands of years in India as a spice and medicinal herb,  

01 Oct 2021

Grow For Good

 Grow For Good Organizations around the world use healthy human hair to make wigs for...

13 Jul 2021

Picture Perfect

You probably look in the mirror several times a day, agonizing over your hair loss....

17 Jun 2021

Summer Hair Care

Summer means sunbathing, dipping leisurely in the pool and depending...

11 May 2021


While biotin has long been praised as the fix to healthy hair, the...

19 Jan 2021

Terrific Turmeric

Warm and bitter tasting, Turmeric, a flowering plant and member of the ginger family, in recent...

04 Sep 2020

Hair Loss Shock Loss

The long term effects associated with COVID-19 will continue to be studied for years to...