Inside Health Oral Supplements FAQ

Our supplements are considered pescatarian, as they do contain fish protein, but no dairy.

While cane sugar is listed under other ingredients, it is in such an insignificant amount that it is not considered an ingredient by the FDA.  DEFENSE is safe for diabetics, and we believe appropriate for anyone on a KETO diet.

All supplements are completely gluten free.

FIRST CYCLE: DEFENSE promotes a healthier gut by helping reduce inflammation. Therefore, for improved absorption of BLOCK and GUARD supplements, DEFENSE should be taken alone for the first two weeks to jump start your program. Follow that with daily BLOCK and GUARD.

SECOND CYCLE: For those who have completed the first cycle of the oral supplements, we recommend starting the second cycle taking all three supplements together from this point on (DEFENSE, BLOCK & GUARD).

A minimum of four cycles is recommended for best results.  A cycle is defined simply as a 30 days period.

DEFENSE does not contain probiotics. Our formulation was created with prebiotics which, unlike probiotics, helps to increase the healthy bacteria already present in the gut. Because prebiotics do not introduce any new strains of bacteria to the gut the potential for upset is minimal. If you have a sensitive digestive system, we suggest cutting the DEFENSE dose in half and gradually working up to a full scoop.

However, we have found that DEFENSE is well tolerated by many with IBS.

There is no right or wrong way to take the supplements. For ease of use and to ensure the whole dose is taken and not forgotten, we recommend taking all at one time. However, if you prefer to split into two doses, i.e. in the morning and then again at night this is fine too. The most important thing is to make sure the whole dose, two of each tablet, is taken daily.

Our supplements were formulated to work best together. However, they can be used as stand alone formulas if other forms of similar supplementation are being taken. There is no need to create redundancy in ingredients.

Growth Factor 3X Home Treatment FAQ

No. This is a prepping shampoo that is intended to be used prior to the application of the GF3X Home Treatment for the purpose of preparing the microbiome of the scalp for enhanced absorption and treatment results.

No. This gentle formula is sulfate free and completely safe for color treated hair.

The home treatment kit contains four vials. One vial contains one treatment. We recommend one treatment per week. A minimum of three to four cycles is recommended for best results. A cycle is defined as a 30 day period.

Your home treatment kit will come with a micro channeling treatment applicator.

• Simply open the GF3X Vial and pour contents into the micro channeling applicator.

• Screw the capped top of the micro channeling applicator on, but not tightly. *In order for the vacuum to create a flow of the serum, the lid cannot be too tight.

• Remove the overcap (not the top) from the applicator, exposing the tiny .25 mm needles.

• Apply serum to scalp by turning bottle upside down and stamping into the scalp. You may also press the bottle down and slide on the scalp for more stimulation.

You will soak/rinse your microchanneling applicator with alcohol for ten minutes after each use and re-use three more times to complete the treatments in your kit.

*Do not let anyone else use your microchanneling applicator.

Store is away in a safe, clean place until next use.

While tiny needles are used to deliver the serum, they are microfine and only penetrate to .25 mm depth which is just enough to allow tiny channels in the surface of the skin. Minimal to no discomfort is to be expected. The treatment is completely tolerable.