Whether you’re a veteran to working out or you recently started back up as part of a New Year's resolution to make healthy habits, you may already know the importance of protein and amino acids and how they affect your body’s response to exercise. One hour of moderate exercise can cause a 40% reduction in your body’s glutamine levels. Most athletes are aware of this and fuel the body before and after their workout with added protein and amino acids to help balance levels and prevent muscle depletion.

For the common person who tries to eat healthy and moderately exercise and struggles to lose weight, understanding how protein and amino acids work can be confusing. In layman’s terms, amino acids are the building blocks that form proteins and peptides and they occur naturally in the body, from your hair to your skin. Unlike protein, which requires the body to breakdown and process, amino acids are pre-digested proteins that require no further breakdown. Thus, they are absorbed into the blood stream and are used to produce new proteins in the body. 

L-Glutamine is the most abundant free amino acid in the body and a building block for proteins. It is produced in the muscles and then distributed by the blood to organs. L-Glutamine serves as an important barrier between the inside of the intestines and the body. This protection helps to protect the gut from leaking, which causes harmful bacteria to leak into the body and cause internal inflammation.  Weakened intestinal cell walls often contribute to what is commonly referred to as "Leaky Gut," which may contribute to food intolerance and allergies, as well as digestion difficulties, including bloating, gas, IBS, and autoimmune conditions like psoriasis and alopecia. Leaky Gut has also been linked to depression, brain fog, and sudden mood swings. 

L-Glutamine plays an integral role in repairing and building of new muscle, playing an important role in gut health by strengthening and sealing openings in the gut. For those who suffer from IBS, gastric reflux, and autoimmune disease, L-Glutamine has been found to act as an important fuel source for immunity, including white blood cells, while also helping the body to build muscle and maintain a healthy weight.  When incorporated into a healthy diet and exercise program, L-Glutamine has shown to block bacterial infiltration during digestion, to boost immunity, and to prevent infection and inflammation, and to soothe the gut. 

L-Glutamine is a naturally occurring amino acid that naturally decreases in the body with age. It can also decrease when the body is stressed, after a major injury, or following surgery. Diets rich in L-Glutamine help to balance a healthy gut, which houses 70% of the body’s immune system. Just as protein is essential to to muscle density and strength, so, too, does L-Glutamine play a direct role in healthy hair growth. There are 18 amino acids that can be found in hair, including arginine, leucine, proline, and threonine. Products with amino acids can help to strengthen the follicles to help resist breaking and protect against environmental stressors. 

L-Glutamine is built from glutamic acid, which delivers sulphur, a known activator for hair growth. While most Western diets meet the daily recommended requirements to support the body’s natural production of glutamine, some diets fall short. Many naturally occurring foods contain glutamine, and while higher amounts are found in animal products, glutamine can also be found in plant-based diets. A healthy diet rich in glutamine includes eggs, beef, skim milk, tofu, corn, and white rice. The body absorbs the protein from these foods and the digestive system breaks it down into amino acids, which, in turn, creates and repairs tissue. When the body requires more than the body can naturally produce through diet, the body will begin to break down protein stores, such as muscle, to maintain healthy levels. This pooling of resources can negatively impact the function of the immune system. LOCKrx products are designed to address the internal factors that contribute to hair loss, starting from the gut and working from the inside out. L-Glutamine is used as an active ingredient to address improved gut function so that the body can maintain a healthy environment for hair to grow. With a healthy gut, your body has the resources to focus on growing healthy hair and glowing skin. 

Offered as a powerful powdered prebiotic supplement in chocolate mint flavor, LOCKrx DEFENSE addresses the factors of hair loss through gut health and supportive healing. The combination of specific ingredients, including L-Glutamine, have been shown to support the body’s system that controls inflammation, in maintenance of this structure and the support of the cholinergic anti-inflammatory metabolic pathway, as well as gut health for better absorption of nutrients. L-Glutamine is a key ingredient n DEFENSE, which can be taken every day for better hair and gut health.  DEFENSE can be added as a scoop of powder to yogurt or 4 ounces or more of liquid, such as milk or almond milk, juice or coconut water, tea, or blended into a smoothie.  To purchase, visit www.lockrxhair.com.