Healthy hair, from the inside out.

Over 80 million men and women in
America are battling hair loss.

LOCKrx is a drug-free hair treatment system specifically
designed for thinning hair and hair loss.

Start from the inside


By reducing inflammation, boosting immune and balancing microbiome for better nutrient absorption


Block hair loss by prohibiting factors that cause follicle attrition, while supporting factors that help to alleviate stress


Enhance key nutritional factors that are known to affect hair growth and hair shedding

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Reinforce from the outside

LOCKrx has specially curated purified growth factors of human origin to support healthy follicle cycles against hair thinning and loss.

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What Patients Are Saying

I could notice results after a couple of treatments! Less hair falling out while washing. I can’t wait to see the results after longer use!

George | Springfield, MO