What It Is DEFENSE is a prebiotic supplement in a powdered nutrient containing anti-inflammatory properties to soothe and address gut health related issues that may contribute to hair thinning and hair loss. DEFENSE is a supplement in a shake form that addresses gut health and contains a dense amount of blue green algae rich with minerals, proven anti-inflammatory botanicals such as curcumin, and soothing and gut healing aloe, licorice and beta-glucan. This starts the antiinflammation process for the entire body as well as gut health which results in optimized absorption of nutrients. Offered in two flavors, melon or chocolate mint flavor, DEFENSE can be mixed into your favorite beverage.

About Our Healthy Hair Plans Created to help mitigate the multiple causes of hair thinning and loss, LOCKrx Healthy Hair Inside Plan is a combination of oral nutraceuticals that work from the inside to support gut health for better absorption of nutrients, to help reduce inflammation and to offer an internal environment with the essential elements necessary to support healthy growth patterns for hair, skin and nails. The program was scientifically formulated to address total body inflammation through gut health and the nutritional factors that may play a role in hair growth and shedding. Many have seen visible results in as early as six weeks. Additional treatment support is recommended by concurrently using LOCKrx topical Healthy Hair Outside Plan.

Why It Works DEFENSE promotes total body wellness from the inside out. DEFENSE contains a potent blend of key ingredients specifically formulated to improve gut health and overall health and wellness which are essential to grow and maintain healthy hair. This supplement powder drink is power packed with super-ingredients like l-glutamine, spirulina, licorice root, turmeric, aloe vera, beta glucan, and piperine. These ingredients may help immunity, soothe total body inflammation, and improve overall gut health, which is essential to a healthy functioning body.

Many DEFENSE users report a feeling of increased energy and overall wellbeing.

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DEFENSE Gut Health

Designed as the first line of DEFENSE, starting with the improvement of impaired gut health, the ingredients in DEFENSE are dense with marine minerals, amino acids, prebiotics and botanicals. The combination of specific ingredients have been shown to support the body’s system that controls inflammation, in maintenance of this structure and the support of the cholinergic anti-inflammatory metabolic pathway. Supplied as an easy to mix powder added to a blended beverage, DEFENSE provides support for BLOCK and GUARD and is the foundation of the LOCKrx Healthy Inside System. 

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