Formulated for daily use as preparation for scalp treatments to reduce hair thinning and hair loss, BIO BALANCE Scalp Treatment helps to balance the scalp microbiome, while creating the best environment for healthy hair growth. Made with organic compounds, BIO BALANCE a conditioning leave-in scalp and hair de-tangling treatment.  The product leaves the hair brilliantly shiny, with no tacky residue. 

Formulated for daily use to help balance the scalp microbiome, while creating the best environment for healthy hair growth.  May be used under Laser Cap treatment for hair growth, to keep hair from becoming brittle from low level laser treatments.  

Why It Works

Product Highlights: 

Grey Verse: Peptide shown to stimulate melanin synthesis, shown to reverse the greying process 

Pisum Sativum (Pea) Sprout Extract: protein messenger for keeping hair anchored in the scalp to help prevent hair loss and analog to block DHA against follicle miniaturization 

Sodium Hyaluronate and Aloe: moisture giving and microbiome balancing 

Perfluorodecalin: oxygen carrier  

Caphira-Kappaphycus Alvarezi Extract: stimulates follicle metabolism, reinforces hair fiber, protects against hair and scalp dryness 

White Willow Bark, Rosemary and Neem Seed Oil: manage excess oil and flakiness 

Citrullus Ianatus (Watermelon) Extract:  helps to prevent UV rays damage to scalp 


Scalp Treatment

With Pea Protein & Watermelon Extract

Made with natural and organic ingredients, BIO BALANCE is a leave-in scalp and hair detangling treatment. It deeply conditions, helps restore the scalp microbiome, and leaves the hair brilliantly shiny. Use it to balance the scalp microbiome and create the best environment for healthy hair growth.

BIO BALANCE may be used with and under Low Level Laser Cap treatments to keep hair from becoming brittle and to enhance hair growth.


4 Fl. Oz./ 120 mL

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