Bio-Growth Bundle

This bundle includes the Growth Factor 3X Serum with MicroChannel Delivery Device and Bio Cleanse Scalp Prep Shampoo. 

Bio Cleanse Shampoo: Definitely not an ordinary shampoo, Bio Cleanse Shampoo is a sulfate-free scalp cleanse.  Specially formulated protein rich but mild, plant based cleanser for use during treatment phase for hair thinning and loss. Designed specifically to remove cellular debris, product and sebum buildup from the scalp and around hair follicles, to purify with essential oils and to stimulate and prepare the area for LOCKrx Growth Factor 3X at home treatments.

Growth Factor 3X: Unique follicle boosting scalp serum formulated with growth factors, a triple approach against the causes of hair thinning and loss, for weekly application at home. Includes micro-channel delivery device with each purchase. For optimal results, prep the scalp with Bio Balance cleansing shampoo prior to micro channeling and again for the next 3 hair wash cycles. 

Directions: Wet hair and scalp. Apply BIO CLEANSE to scalp and massage product with fingers or applicator. Allow to remain for 2 minutes. You may apply your regular shampoo to the length of hair shaft for more sudsing and work down the strands as lather is built. Rinse well. Follow with serum application or regular conditioner. Use as a scalp pre-treatment to PRP, medical micro needling, or at home microchannel treatment with Growth Factor 3X Serum. For external use only. If irritation occurs, discontinue use. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. Store at room temperature or in cool dark place.

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