Medical Advisory Board

LOCKrx products are backed by respected medical professionals in the industry. Meet the Medical Advisory Experts behind LOCKrx.

Dr. Anna Petropoulos,  Double board-certified Facial Plastic Surgeon and New England Facial & Cosmetic Surgery Center in Danvers, Massachusetts, Harvard trained Dr. Anna Petropoulos of The Center for Classic Beauty is a respected and esteemed advisory board member of LOCKrx by Smart Solutions RX and is ranked #9 as the Top Aesthetic Doctor in the United States!


Dr. Stephen D Hess, M.D., PH.D Board Certified Dermatologist Dr. Stephen Hess has extensive experience in medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology. Trained at the University of Pennsylvania, one of the nation's top-ranked dermatology programs, Dr. Hess of of Center City Dermatology in Philadelphia is a respected and esteemed advisory board member at LOCKrx by Smart Solutions RX.