A premier blend of complexed super Vitamin B and biotin in supplement form. Vitamin B Complex
and biotin are known as ingredients necessary to promote conditions to support healthy hair. The most crucial element of the LOCKrx B vitamin complex is its reduced form (methylation) which allows immediate bio-availability for rapid assimilation and metabolizing without over accumulation.

GUARD Healthy Hair Tabs Wholesale

Created to help mitigate the multiple causes of hair thinning and loss, LOCKrx GUARD is an oral nutraceutical that works from the inside to support gut health for better absorption of ingredients, helping to reduce inflammation and to offer an internal environment with the essential elements necessary to support healthy growth patterns for hair, skin, and nails.  GUARD acts to protect your hair and enhance key nutritional factors known to affect hair growth and hair shedding. Guard is the final layer of protection of the complete LOCKrx Healthy Inside System.

Volume: 30 servings

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