Growth Factor 3X Serum with MicroChannel Delivery Device Wholesale

Growth Factor 3X Serum (box of 4 bottles, 6 mL each) with Micro Channel Delivery Device

Unique follicle boosting scalp serum formulated with growth factors, a triple approach against the causes of hair thinning and loss, for weekly application at home. Includes micro-channel delivery device with each purchase.

Volume: 4 vials - 6 ml each

More information:

Micro Channel Delivery System - The GROWTH SERUM 3X is a unique follicle boosting scalp serum specially packaged for at-home use. The package includes an infusion device that contains 24 gold tips incorporated into a delivery mechanism to create micro-channels in the scalp. This helps to ensure an effective infusion into the keratin layer for better absorption of the nutrients.

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