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Elite MD is an international hair restoration center that specializes in comprehensive solutions to hair thinning in both men and women. Elite MD proudly offers LOCKrx by Smart Solutions RX to address total body inflammation through gut health and the nutritional factors and to support healthy follicle cycles against hair thinning and loss. Schedule a hair loss consultation to determine a customized treatment protocol using LOCKrx Hair Support Collection by contacting your Elite MD Hair Health Partner at 925-838-4363, or visiting www.elitemdspa.com

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GUARD Healthy Hair Tabs

GUARD Healthy Hair Tabs

Created to help mitigate the multiple causes of...

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BLOCK Hair Loss Oral Nutraceutical

BLOCK Hair Loss Oral Nutraceutical

Stress, hormonal imbalances, chemicals, medications, poor diet, and...

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DEFENSE Gut Health

DEFENSE Gut Health

Designed as the first line of DEFENSE, starting...

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Healthy Inside Bundle

Healthy Inside Bundle

Save with our Subscribe and Save Auto-Ship Program, or...

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Instant Root & Scalp Coverage: LOCK on Coverage...

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Bio Cleanse Scalp Prep Shampoo

Bio Cleanse Scalp Prep Shampoo

Definitely not an ordinary shampoo, this sulfate-free scalp...

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Growth Factor 3X Serum with MicroChannel Delivery Device

Growth Factor 3X Serum with MicroChannel Delivery Device

Growth Factor 3X Serum (box of 4 bottles,...

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Liquid Dispensing Scalp Comb

Liquid Dispensing Scalp Comb

Your scalp and hair change as you age...

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The Starter Package

The Starter Package

A complete offering of LOCKrx products for those...

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Bio-Growth Bundle

Bio-Growth Bundle

  This bundle includes the Growth Factor...

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For use as an anti-itch and anti-microbial...

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L-Glutamine - Your intestinal lining uses L-glutamine to create a strong surface for digestion and absorption.


Licorice - This digestive supplement holds powerful anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.


Turmeric - This digestive supplement provides anti-inflammatory properties.


Spirulina - Spirulina has the highest nutritional support--96% plant protein superfood with over 120 minerals, amino acids, vitamins, and lipoic acid.


Piperine - This black pepper extract provides better nutrient absorption.


Beta-Glucan - Potent polysaccharide which helps to manage mucosal lining of the gut.


Aloe Vera - Prebiotic with anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties.


Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto - This botanical blocking agent helps with the conversion of testosterone to DHT, the molecule responsible for hair loss in androgenetic alopecia.


Resveratrol - This botanical flavonoid helps to increase the lifespan of the follicle and promote healthy scalp tissue. Resveratrol has powerful vascular anti-inflammatory properties with multiple influencing factors on stem cell proliferation.

Ashwagandha Root

Ashwagandha Root - An adaptogenic herb to stabilize body systems and manage stress and inflammation. Ashwagandha has anti-greying properties and improves scalp circulation, strengthens the hair, and may heal scalp conditions.


Zinc - This element is used to make proteins for growth and development and supports immunity.


Copper - This mineral protects cells from oxidative stress and may help to increase hair thickness.

Amino Acids

Amino Acids - These building blocks of protein are known to strengthen hair.


Methylated Folate (Quatrefolic)

Methylated Folate (Quatrefolic) - High potency biologically active natural form of a B vitamin, necessary to produces red blood cell.

Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B Complex - B1, B2, B3, B6, B7, B9, and B10 are water soluble vitamins essential to cell metabolism and red blood cells to provide important adrenal support for better systemic stress management.

Bio Cleanse

Growth Factors

Growth Factors - This naturally occurring substance is required for stimulation of growth in living cells.

Protein Messengers

Protein Messengers - Transmits signals for biological processes in cells.


Ginseng - Adaptogen with stimulatory properties.


Honeysuckle - Anti-inflammatory and bactericidal.


Aloe-prebiotic, Moisture balancing, soothing.


Peppermint - Essential oil extract with stimulatory properties.


Rosemary - Essential oil with antibacterial properties.


Vitamin E

Vitamin E - Powerful Antioxidant.


Squalane - Naturally occurring lipid against dryness and irritation.

Argan Oil

Argan Oil - Botanical oil extraction with soothing and protectant properties.

Growth Factor 3X

Growth Factors

Growth Factors - Naturally occurring substance required for stimulation of growth in living cells. Peptides-Amino acid particles of proteins for cell signaling or delivering minerals.


Biotin - Commonly referred to as Vitamin B7, Biotin is important in many metabolic processes impacting hair.


Botanicals - Variety of herb and flower extracts with certain properties impacting hair and skin.


Vitamins - Variety of essential micronutrients necessary for proper cell function.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid - Naturally occurring molecule necessary for moisture properties in tissues.